World Cup in Russia – to bet or not to bet?

Football has long been not just the most popular sports game on this planet, but a source of steady income for smart bettors. However, only the World Cups completely trump all other forms of race and sports betting, attracting huge amounts of staked money. With development of World Wide Web and online gamble, each subsequent World Cup sets new records in turnout for bookmakers. Gambers Post could tell a lot of rags-to-riches stories from such event in Brazil four years ago, nowadays it’s 2018 and current host is Russia. While not every average poker Joe is brave enough to actually go there, it’s a harsh country where both beautiful women and rude men are abundant, any decent gambling casino is preparing to feature live coverage from the matches.

Of course, wagering live while watching the game is nothing new for those with experience in gambling, there are more and more options how to do it. From betting on who scores first, to how many minutes players will spend on the grass faking injuries. There are also a few tips only Gambers Post could provide. As it stands, this is going to be the most politicized finals in history of football. Those countries who have differences in real life could, and surely will, settle them on the field. Thus, try to gamble on red and yellow cards in such games, because tensions will be high. Political allies might go for a fixed draw, if such outcome results in both of them advancing into the next round. And always lay England, their losses are constant source of memes and gambling news!

Among pure casino news, there are always the odds . Current favorites to win the title are Germany, Brazil, Spain and France. Their odds range from 5.6 to 7.8 on Betfair. Second batch are Argentina, Belgium and England, their numbers vary from 12 to 19 if you bet right now. The hosts go as high as 60, which is insane amount, considering that even Japan and Korea were valued better when they were hosting similar event. Finally, bookies and bettors consider Panama, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia to be the most unlikely winners, with a whopping 1000-to-1 return on your bet if they actually do win. All things considered, if you decide to bet – do it rationally! First game kicks off on 14th of June.