Before the arrival of Gambers Post, The Guardian was, and to some degree still is, one of the very few sources for regular gambling news on Internet in English language. However, unlike the first media establishment, the vast majority of articles related to casino news, poker, race and sports betting, are full with vitriol and irrational hate for favorite hobby of many men and women. Even though BBC, Fox News and some other British and American media companies feature a lot of critique under the “gambling” tag on their respective web-sites, sometimes falling down to occasional hit-pieces, there are still enough favorable, positive articles. This is not the case with The Guardian, where every single article is so negative, like it was written by acting or aspiring fundamentalist priests.

It is worth noticing just how very thorough they are in this bias, trying to cover as much audience as possible. Just look at their related offerings from last month. There is an article from self-proclaimed libertarian, explaining why British war on FOBTs is a good thing, and entrepreneurs were wrong in thinking that they can set bet maximums themselves. Such an obvious attempt at what media types call “damage control”! Then, a couple of “Soccer mom scares” articles, trying to paint industry as a whole and wagering in particular as harmful to youth, conveniently sponsored by oh-so-independent “charity” Gamble Aware. Finally, there’s a guy named Nils Pratley, who politicizes this entire issue in favor of the Tories, a supposedly right-wing party that “took action” in this matter and “corrected the wrongs of New Labour” in favor of state bureaucrats.

While these articles might look like whining of mosquitoes to any serious gambling casino, businessmen who invest in United Kingdom need to know the climate in this country. Despite losing readers annually, The Guardian is still a serious British opinion maker, influences undecided demographics, and represents a long-term threat not just to actual libertarians or people from industry, but to anyone hoping for a quick online gamble. Stay with Gambers Post to learn more and read unbiased coverage on this topic!